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is the new orgasm.com

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Eat. Drink. Sleep. Benji.

Welcome to your new favorite place on the 'net.
Let's Be Honest, this community is so we can ogle Benji. If you're going to criticize us for being shallow than you're not the kind of person we need around here. We’re here to discuss, overanalyze and fall in love with that little tattooed freak.
I don't mind making fun of the hobbit, if you don't. i don't mind being a pervert, because we all know Benji is. I don't mind seeing pictures of him and his girlfriends. And I don't mind hearing the hilarious rumors. I don't care if he smokes weed and fucks sheep. The minute any of you start taking it seriously and ragging on any of that shit, you're out. It's that simple.
I'm tired of listening to endless bitchfests about Good Charlotte boys and various ladies. I'm sick and tired of everyone taking everything so fucking seriously. Try to remember he's a 27 year old man, suceptible to wrong doing and mistakes. I just want to see Benji and I hope you do to. So let's all try to make this a drama free zone.

Minor Guidelines
1. This is not a Good Charlotte community. We know Benji is a member of GC, thanks captain obvious, but we're in here for Benji-related gossip and news. Find GC news @ gc_like_woah and gc_pics
2. You can post anything from graphics, pictures, articles, & interviews to interesting stories, news, blog updates, and fan fic. You had a dream about Benji? Post it. You found a funny picture on google? Post it. Spam this place to high holy hell.
3. Twincest is my homeboy, but keep it too a minimum, Benji comes first (hehe, she said 'come')
4. Promotion is great. Benjigasmic wouldn't exist without it. Make sure it relates to Benji in some way, though. And PLEASE no roleplay promotions. I hate roleplays.
5. When posting icons and graphics, make sure it's a significant number. 4 or more please.
6. Don't fight. (this shouldn't need clarification)
7. Remember that I, applejaxx0, am the maintainer and I can change the rules to suit my own needs whenever I want to. You want it to run your way? Then get your own community.
8. Disable comments and DIE!
9. Posting is moderated, just be patient.
10. Posting is also LOCKED. Meaning, make it friends only or we will shank you.
11. there is no 11. lol.
12. Fill out the WHO YOU ARE post sometime after you join. PLEASE!
13. Stay cute.


gc_pics gc_updates

caution: may cause extreme moistness, heavy breathing and immaculate orgasms.
credit to cannibelles for that!


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